Production Cooperation in Engineering

  • Based on our personal contacts, we aim to actively identify suitable external partners for production cooperation with end manufacturers, particularly in the automotive industry.
    With regard to the above, we arrange consultations in factories and assist with the production of samples and quality audits at the end manufacturer (including direct support in foreign languages). We can also advise on coordinating the start-up and implementation of serial production in the end manufacturer’s factories.
  • We focus on the utilization of free capacity in processing, manufacturing, surface treatment (blasting, cataphoretic coating, powder, zinc, ZnNi) and measurement. With regard to these areas, we actively approach foreign manufacturers who operate in the Czech Republic, as well as abroad, especially in Germany.
  • Subject to the request of our clients, we also participate in business negotiations in the German and English languages with foreign, especially German, partners in the Czech Republic and abroad.
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