• According to our client’s needs, we can process logistic studies with the emphasis on optimization of the material flow in production and distribution warehouses, technological equipment for warehouses, optimization of handling technology, effective inventory management and the reduction of total logistics costs.
  • According to our client needs:
    • We fully organize and execute independent tenders for the purchase of handling equipment and racking systems.
    • We optimize the final results of the tenders in order to reduce the client’s purchase costs, energy consumption and maintenance costs for the operation of handling equipment to the maximum.
  • In the event that the client will not want to purchase machinery as an investment, we can propose optimal forms of financing and the best form of securing services in order to achieve the minimum annual cost for operation and maintenance. We can advise our clients on the most favourable contractual terms and conditions, prior to entering into a contract with a supplier.
  • We can recommend, find and arrange atypical forklift trucks and handling equipment for special use (new and used machinery with a warranty and valid technical inspection MOT) within     the European market. This also applies to servicing based on a service contract with optimization of service costs (response time, service packages, prices of spare parts).
  • We execute tenders for purchase, installation and service of industrial elevators.
  • We secure the purchase, repair and rebuilding of used forklift trucks, especially DESTA.
  • We can recommend and arrange a supply of suitable CNG filling stations for forklift trucks and business vehicles running on compressed natural gas.  Advantages – significantly lower operating costs than with other engines, thereby eliminating loss and theft of fuel.
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