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Zdeněk Lamač

Management consultant in industrial production, business and logistics.Processes, manages and coordinates implemented projects with clients. (see References and External Cooperating Specialists).

Managerial and Professional Experience

  • STILL ČR, spol s. r. o. - 15 years experience as Managing Director and CEO up to 2011, previously 5 years experience as a Sales Director and authorized representative.
  • STILL SR, spol. s r.o. – simultaneously in the years 2002 – 2009, Managing Director and CEO.

Establishing of both subsidiaries and developing their own sales and service networks.
The company is a leading supplier of handling equipment, rack systems and intralogisticssolutions.

  • DESTA Děčín – 5 years experience as a Sales Director (domestic and international sales of forklift trucks and machinery products, purchase and import of materials, complete service activities).


  • Established contacts with the managers in companies within the automotive industry, logistics, chemical, paper and beverage industries (see References).
  • Management of special projects in diverse industries (individual tailor-made solutions).
  • Consultancy (production cooperation - made-to-order, intralogistics, research and development capacities for automotive and engineering manufacturers, tenders for the purchase of material handling equipment, warehouse equipment and services).

Language Skills

English and German (fluent), Russian (advanced), Italian (intermediate)

External Cooperating Specialists and Consulting, Project, Research and Development Companies


Dr. Josef ČERNÝ
ELA Certified Professional and a member of the Chamber of the Logistics Managers, specialist in optimization of logistics processes and implementation of the information systems for management of production and warehouse processes
Richard FIŠER specialist in design of rack systems for logistics and archives, occupational safety, internal transport and  operating instructions
Karel KAŇKA specialist in assessment and evaluation of applications for grants from European funding programmes
Roland KLUCKÝ specialist in refurbishing and rebuilding used forklift trucks
Jaroslav ZADINA specialist in logistics planning, the LEAN Method application, personnel logistics outsourcing, analysis and solution proposal for material handling and technology in warehouses
COPLAN Projekt s.r.o. Praha consultation, design and engineering activities in construction (design of industrial, warehouse and service workshop halls), including administrative and sanitary facilities
LOGIO, s.r.o. Praha management of supply chains: Logistics and distribution strategy, effective  inventory management, optimization of production, warehouses and logistics
REDECO, s.r.o. Praha business consultation, project and process management, preparation and coordination of grant projects from European funding programmes
VÚTS, a. s. Liberec design, construction and manufacturing of machinery, special purpose equipment, special products, measurement of technical parameters of machinery, testing and validation, automation of manufacturing processes
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